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New Project

The backwaters of Kerala form a unique network of ‘water highways’ that meander past palm tree-fringed rice paddies and villages growing coconuts, spices, pepper and cashews, before flowing into the Arabian Sea. Set sail with us for a special backwaters experience.

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Day 1 overview
Cruise along the main waterways from Vembanad Lake to Alleppey. Meet local fishermen fishing for “karimeen” also called as “pearl spot”.

Evening onboard entertainment: An authentic performance of “Kathakali” dance which tells stories from the ancient Hindu epics Ramayana and Mahabarata.

All meals freshly prepared on board by Oberoi chefs and served with our heartfelt hospitality.

Day 2 overview
Rice boat excursion along narrow rural waterways. Witness below sea level farming.

Visit to the half-statue of Lord Buddha at Karumadi and a traditional Kerala tharavad (family residence).

Evening on board entertainment: A traditional performance of Vrinda Vadiyam; a musical fusion of classical instruments.

All meals freshly prepared on board by Oberoi chefs and served with our heartfelt hospitality.

Day 3 overview
Visit St. Mary’s Church, established by St. Thomas in 1721, Sree Bhagavathy Kshetram: a 100-year old Hindu temple to Mother Goddess and Chambakulam snake boat yard which is home to a traditional racing boat (130 feet long).

Evening on board entertainment: “Mohiniattam” classical dance, also called the ‘Dance of the Enchantress’.


The roots of our DMC are deep in the hospitality ethos with 25 years of running a fine boutique 300 year old palace hotel in Rajasthan, INDIA


A huge part of what makes India such a great destination to travel to, is its people, their ways and dare we say their whims and fancies too. Such is their diversity that their varied ethnicity is a surprise to themselves let alone others


India is where hospitality is at it’s best with ancient palaces converted into fine luxury hotels. Be it the global chain of hotels like the TAJ or the boutique hotels and palaces owned by the royal families of India. India is EXOTIC and gives much scope for pleasure


India is home to some of the most fantastic monuments, natural sites, beaches, forts and palaces and dense forests