Heart-of-india | Faq
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Call us at + 91 120 4030 970


There are many reasons to come to INDIA. What’s Yours?

Is HEART OF INDIA a comprehensive travel service provider ?


Yes we are. We offer hotels, transport, guides, escorts, emergency services on tour and even visa. We also include airport transfers and meet and greet and entry passes /tickets to monuments

Is my payment protected ?


Yes, we use TRANSFER WISE to take payments which operates with BARCLAYS BANK which is fully protected under FSCS and our local bankers are AXIS BANK which is under RBI, the reserve bank of India.

Is HEART OF INDIA a legally registered travel firm?


Yes, HEART OF INDIA is part of Indian Association of Tour Operators, recognised by Ministry of Tourism, GOVT of INDIA and a fully licensed tour operator

Do we cover everything REGION that India has to offer?


Yes, we have a presence in all the travel regions of India

Is there free wifi on tour? 


Most hotels do offer free wifi to resident guests, however some hotels may charge for this service. 

During transit while travelling in between destinations, there is seldom that you will get free wifi in public places. We advise you deal with your local phone provider who can offer international roaming

Is there any region we don’t cover and why?


We strictly follow the travel advisory issued by the govt’s of major countries like USA, UK, EU and Australia and we follow their directives fully.

What are the check in/out times in Indian hotels 


1400 hrs – 12 noon except where stated otherwise

Will I get emergency assistance on tour?


Yes we offer a humanitarian complimentary service with regard to any medical assistance or emergency meaning we don’t charge for our logistic services but client will have to bear the cost of any hospitalisation, medicine and doctor charges

Can an early check ˗ in / late check out be provided ?


Early check in / late check out will be provided on subject to availability of rooms on arrival

Do we have foreign language guides and escorts?


Yes we have guides and escorts in French English, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean and Japanese

My passport is stolen. Will I get help? 


Yes, we will advise you how to approach your local embassy/consulate and help you to make an FIR that is mandatory. This service however will be on chargeable basis

What are the check in/out times in Indian hotels 


1400 hrs – 12 noon except where stated otherwise