Heart-of-india | About us
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About us

Call us at + 91 120 4030 970

Since many years HEART OF INDIA has been creating unique travel experiences in amazing destinations in India. We are a family boutique agency committed to offer special travel experiences in INDIA


All our tours are carefully chosen in order to provide a rare holiday experience to the international traveler, something that shall remain with the traveler for a long time to come

Right from the time till you begin your holiday with us and till your departure, we are by your side to take care of the minutest of your needs during your holiday.

We take you on journeys which shall remain in your memories for long


The roots of our DMC are deep in the hospitality ethos with 25 years of running a fine boutique 300 year old palace hotel in Rajasthan, INDIA


A huge part of what makes India such a great destination to travel to, is its people, their ways and dare we say their whims and fancies too. Such is their diversity that their varied ethnicity is a surprise to themselves let alone others


India is where hospitality is at it’s best with ancient palaces converted into fine luxury hotels. Be it the global chain of hotels like the TAJ or the boutique hotels and palaces owned by the royal families of India. India is EXOTIC and gives much scope for pleasure


India is home to some of the most fantastic monuments, natural sites, beaches, forts and palaces and dense forests


To provide memorable experiences to international travellers in the Indian subcontinent

We provide memorable experiences to international travellers in the Indian subcontinent with a comprehensive service that enables our travellers to have complete leisure

Our founders have been lucky enough to have exposure to international culture and to understand the needs and aspirations of the international traveller. With deep roots in the hotel industry since 25 years combined with an extensive experience of international travel, we seem to know what is expected from DMC